Myles Garrett is standing up for Minkah Fitzpatrick after she struck Nick Chubb. 

Outstanding Browns defensive end Myles Garrett doesn't think Minkah Fitzpatrick's hit on Nick Chubb was unlawful or filthy.  

Garrett defended Fitzpatrick in a video posted Friday by's Mary Kay Cabot on Twitter.  

“Minkah didn’t do anything illegal,” Garrett claimed. “He was playing the game properly.  

The event was unfortunate. Nick was held up but just planted his foot and hit.   

Garrett said Fitzpatrick's approach was similar to other NFL defensive backs, but the Browns want to shut down Titans running back Derrick Henry on Sunday.  

“We’re not going to do anything illegal to take Henry down,” Garrett added.   

We will chase the ball, strike his thigh boards, and try to take his legs out to keep him safe and healthy.   

Henry’s 6’3”, 247-pound frame and powerful running style has resulted in his capturing the NFL rushing title in 2019 and ’20.    

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