Naruto live-action movie in the works: Everything to know

Lionsgate is preparing for the live-action version of Naruto, the highly anticipated Japanese manga and anime.

The plot revolves around the titular young kid, who aspires to be a Hokage, or village head. 

Naruto fights to win popularity among his friends by training hard, defeating foes, and uncovering some painful facts along the road.

The impending live-action feature was first announced in 2015, but there have been no updates since then.

Tasha Hui, whose writing credits include the comic book Red Sonja and an animated series based on the Tomb Raider games, is poised to pen the feature, according to a recent Variety report.

The anime has almost 700 episodes so far, divided into two parts: Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden.

Masashi Kishimoto wrote and illustrated the manga series, which has 700 chapters.

The Japanese series' devoted fans are hoping for a potential hit similar to the live-action adaptation of Netflix's One Piece, which was released in August.

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