Netflix loses over 1.5 million subscriptions after price raise

According to a recent estimate, the latest price increases have cost Netflix and its competitors millions of dollars.

According to reports, the streaming giant is responsible for more than half of the 4.4 million subscriptions lost in Spain alone in recent months. 

According to sources, the causes are price increases and the termination of shared accounts.The information was obtained through the most current Barlovento Comunicación viewing habits survey.

According to the research, over 4.4 million losses were reported on streaming services such as Netflix, DAZN, and Prime Video in the preceding quarter.

According to the analysis business, 1.6 million people have left the home of series such as Stranger Things in total, with 41.2% of those customers leaving due to the company's new, tough regulations.

According to a poll conducted by Barlovento Comunicación, the steep fall in subscribers in Spain is due to years of price increases in the business.

The heated announcement that the streaming giant will no longer allow shared accounts also had a significant role in these losses. Despite this, Disney+ is still aiming to replicate Netflix's password sharing technique.

If only screen share is considered, Netflix continues to lead the OTT market, while Prime Video retains the top spot for another quarter. 

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