Netflix’s K-drama reality show, a Baz Luhrmann miniseries and more new TV this week

While this week may feel like a grind after the long holiday weekend, the new television this week does not. 

Consider Obliterated, Netflix's latest bawdy comedy about an elite special forces team going through their own The Hangover-style recovery while attempting to locate a nuclear device.

It's a filthy comedy that's also regularly funny, and the program is sharper than it needs to be.Slow Horses, which is now in its third season on Apple TV Plus, is also back with its espionage adventures. 

It's one of the best shows on television: a tense, humorous spy thriller that keeps you guessing. And that's before we get to Baz Luhrmann's miniseries adaptation of his film Australia! (Which, to be fair, was already approaching miniseries length.)

Here are the greatest new TV shows to watch in this phony post-holiday week:"As actors and actresses rehearse, audition, and act out a variety of situations reminiscent of Korean dramas, how will the relationships between them change?"

Netflix asks.However, the situation is far more convoluted than that. Haruna Kondo of comedy duo Harisenbon, A-chan of musical group Perfume,

Shusuke Fukutoku of comedy duo JaruJaru, Hayato Komori of musical group GENERATIONS, and Maria Tani are among the all-star studio commentators. 

This reality show attempts to recreate the emotions of a Korean drama romance in the real world, with actors and actresses left to utilize their acting abilities and love to overcome cultural and language hurdles.

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