Netflix's Top & Most Watched Food Documentaries: Ugly Delicious, Chef's Table, & More

Netflix's Chef's Table, an Emmy-nominated series, debuted in April 2015 on the platform. 

The Chef's Table

Some of the most well-known chefs in the world are featured in the six-season cuisine documentary series, sharing their individual stories.

Since its 2018 debut, the critically acclaimed series Chef David Chang's Ugly Delicious has released two seasons, each with twelve episodes. 

Ugly Delicious

Celebrity visitors on the show include entertainers and chefs, among others. 

Rotten, a food-focused investigation series on Netflix, shows viewers the shadowy side of the business. 


The show focuses on unsettling realities, such as large facilities that produce meat and farms that are crammed full of birds. 

The cookbook of Iranian-American chef Samin Nosrat, titled Salt Fat Acid Heat, is adapted from her own book.

Salt Fat Acid Heat

Watchers get to see the host travel across nations while demonstrating how to use heat, acid, fat, and salt to their fullest potential.

Finally, food critic Daym Drops introduces viewers to coal flavors while touring the US as the host of Netflix's Fresh, Fried, and Cripsy. 

Fresh, Fried And Crispy

Along with being a YouTuber, Drops explores major places like St. Louis, San Diego, and Savannah, sampling anything that is crispy and fried. 

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