New research suggests dinosaurs may live elsewhere.

According to a ground-breaking study, dinosaurs may still be around today on other planets. 

According to a recent study that was published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Journal, there may be some dinosaur-like animals on other worlds. 

"Our current understanding of habitable planets has been heavily influenced by Earth's distinct light fingerprint, but there was a time when this fingerprint was even stronger, making signs of life easier to detect," said Lisa Kaltenegger, the study's lead author.

The good news is that humans have developed technology that allows them to identify other species.

According to the study, such likely extraterrestrial life could be found by Earth researchers. 

The secret to figuring out these potential alien species is to look for substances, substances that are common in the dinosaur era but absent from modern Earth.

According to the findings, higher oxygen levels during the dinosaur era may be a useful sign that sophisticated life exists elsewhere in the universe. 

During the age of the dinosaurs, the Earth's oxygen content was higher—roughly thirty percent—which allowed the complex animals to flourish. Earth's oxygen content has stabilized at 21% at this point. 

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