NFL Executives Assign Justin Fields' Eyeslack to the Bears' Problems, Not Getsy

As the Chicago Bears strive to recover from two disappointing losses, fans and media critics continue to cast the finger at Luke Getsy and the offense. But that's not the end of the narrative. 

On Tuesday, September 19, two NFL officials spoke with Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer about why quarterback Justin Fields appears to be regressing rather than progressing as a thrower in his crucial third season.  

While they both agreed that Getsy can make offensive modifications to help Fields feel more at ease and play more successfully, 

They both agreed that the Bears' general strategy isn't the issue. The issue is Fields' inability to see it as it unfolds. 

"It's a mix of a lot of things." "His protection isn't great, and when he gets hit, he starts to drop his eyes," an AFC official told Breer.  

"The main issue is that he isn't seeing the field — he has guys open at times and doesn't pull the trigger." In addition, he's had some misses." 

"In terms of pass options, they're probably doing too much," the CEO stated. "It's a good plan. 

Luke was most likely expecting [Fields] would take the next step in the pass game. The offense has no rhythm right now because the quarterback can't see it." 

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