NFL is looking into the shocking event involving Mac Jones.

After the New York Jets defeated the New England Patriots 15-10, Jets star cornerback Sauce Gardner made some really unsettling remarks about Patriots quarterback Mac Jones.

and it appears that the NFL is now looking into her remarks.Mac Jones allegedly hit Sauce Gardner "in my private areas" during the game,  

with Gardner joking that Jones was "trying to stop me from having babies in the future."  

Gardner referred to Jones as "he stretched out to me to ask me to help him up."  

His hand was just moved out of the way by me. He stood up and walked up to me, saying, "Good job." He struck me in the private areas as he was speaking. I didn't retaliate as much as I wanted to.  

That was definitely not what I anticipated. I think it's the first time for everything. He wants to stop me from having children in the future.  

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio reports that the NFL is looking into the incident.  

The league is investigating into Gardner's accusation that Jones flicked him in the family jewels, according to a source familiar with the issue, Florio reported for Pro Football Talk. 

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