NFL players under pressure: Dak Prescott, Brandon Staley?

Does Prescott's seat need to be warm? No. Does it not? Indeed. Although it has slipped from sight, since week six, Prescott has been the best quarterback in the NFL. 

Since the disaster that was the 42-10 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in week five, he leads the league in QBR and EPA/play. 

Furthermore, he would still be in second place if you extended his performance throughout the entire season.

Prescott is still unable to dispel the myth that he only defeats weaker teams.

That is partially true. Following Kellen Moore's departure to join the LA Chargers, Mike McCarthy assumed command.

Of the offense, eliminating the easy buttons and transforming Dallas's scheme into a highly complex, precision-based offense—exactly the kind that Prescott enjoys. It requires excellence.

And early in the season, there were hints of peril hidden behind the debris. The Cowboys had to rely on Prescott to lead the offense down the field one consistent drive at a time because they were unable to plan out big explosive plays. 

Great defenses can take advantage of situations where you are unable to generate significant offensive gains. Asking a quarterback to be flawless on 10- or 14-play drives against the Philadelphia Eagles or Niners is a lot to expect.

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