'Nothing Personal!' Kellen Moore vs. Mike McCarthy? Dallas Cowboys Coach Reacts Ahead of Chargers on 'MNF'

'NOTHING PERSONAL!' OCT 13. On Friday, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy was questioned about whether there was a "personal"

 element to his matchup with former (and fired) right-hand man Kellen Moore on "Monday Night Football" in Week 6.

"Nah, not at all," McCarthy maintained. This one actually doesn't have any bells and whistles. It's Game 6.

 My primary concentration has always been on schedules; in my opinion, a lot of NFL scheduling is mostly determined by when teams play their players rather than who they play.

"McCarthy stated that Moore "obviously has an excellent opportunity" that he is handling rather well.

Naturally, McCarthy orchestrated Moore's departure over this offseason. Moore had served as this team's offensive coordinator under both Jason Garrett and McCarthy. 

Brian Schottenheimer, a longtime McCarthy associate, currently holds that position in Dallas.

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