November 19 Horoscopes Are Emotionally Difficult For 3 Zodiac Sign

Anxiety is the victor. Yes, guys, our old pal anxiety has won the day's mood of the day prize. If you understand how astrological transits like the Moon square Uranus function,

 you'll realize that the day packs a punch... in the neurological system. We are now anxious wrecks. If obsessive-compulsiveness is part of our makeup, let's use the complete palette.

The truth is that we are all OCD to some extent. It's part of our survival strategy. While three zodiac signs may feel this a little more intensely than normal,

 we'll see how a transit like Moon square Uranus can spark things like repetitive thinking, worrying, and irrational aggravation on this day, November 19, 2023.

Backtracking is not on the schedule for the day, so if you find yourself unexpectedly bombarded by thoughts of the past, you may find it difficult to cope. 

November isn't sitting right with you for some reason... or is it just today? That's the problem, Taurus. You're doing what you sometimes do:

symbolically 'throwing the baby out with the bathwater.' What begins as a minor issue quickly escalates into a global crisis, and it's just... too... much.

You'll retreat into a state of mind you don't want to be in on November 19, 2023, when the Moon squares Uranus. 

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