Olivia Dunne Receives Another Message From the Same Person After Being Labeled as "Worst Nightmare"

Olivia Dunne needs no introduction. Aside from being the highest-paid female NCAA athlete and college athlete, the LSU gymnast is a social media sensation.  

Livvy is adored by everyone, especially a specific family member who is constantly roasting her, but not this time. 

Julz Dunne, another LSU athlete, is constantly taking shots at her sister, Olivia Dunne. Julz recently referred to her as the 'worst nightmare'.  

However, in her recent Snapchat story, the 22-year-old has offered a special message to Olivia. 

Julz Dunne complimented Olivia in a Snapchat Story. She posted a photo of Livvy posing for cameras from her laptop. Julz wrote, "Bruh be so fr rn," 

as Livvy focused on the shoot. The 20-year-old LSU gymnast was standing on a large acreage, dressed in a white tee and blue trousers, and was most likely filming for a brand. 

Julz and Olivia's love is well-known throughout the world, and both continue to hype up and publicly support each other. 

The Dunne sisters are not only the best sisters, but also the best friends. While Livvy is already a millionaire as a result of her gymnastics prowess 

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