Olivia Dunne unable to attend college classes for "safety reasons" after finding fame

Olivia Dunne disclosed that she can no longer make it to her college lectures because of "safety reasons."

In recent years, the LSU gymnast has gained widespread attention due to her viral videos, and in the last few months

her fan base has started to attend her collegiate performances.In an interview with the fashion magazine Elle, 

she stated: "I just want to be as careful as possible because there have been some scares in the past. I don't want anyone to be aware of my whereabouts and everyday routine."

With hundreds of young guys in attendance during the first gymnastics event of the season earlier this year,

 the esteemed institution was forced to engage security for Dunne.

It was our first meeting of the season, according to Dunne. Although I was aware that my success had increased from the years before,

surprised by the sheer number of people who came to watch my team and me.

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