Oprah on the Power of Getting Back Up

Every week, Oprah sets an aim for Oprah Daily Insiders only, with thoughts on issues such as letting go, forgiving, coming into your own, and more.

I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday. I'm out here in the purple streets preparing for another purple celebration. We can finally talk about our film now that the strike is gone.

I had the pleasure of recognizing Fantasia Barrino earlier this week at the Variety Power of Women event in Los Angeles. Fantasia was great as Celie in The Color Purple.

"I've been through some things; I've been through some things," she remarked in her winning speech. We all collapse. I fell, but I'm back up." 

That touched me, and I believe it struck everyone in the crowd, because we all remembered instances when we were overwhelmed and got back up.

And I know from so many of your comments here in this safe area that you've revealed your battles with health

 rejection, and weight, as well as caring for ailing family members and dealing with the death of a loved one—you fell, but now you're up, or can see your way up.

So, as we begin this season of thanksgiving, let us all rejoice and praise the ups. List yours right here in the comments. Have a good week, and have a happy Thanksgiving.

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