Outlander's executive producer, Maril Davis, teases shocking "surprises" for season 8. 

The historical fantasy series' final season will conclude for good next year, and viewers are more curious than ever about how it will conclude. 

The show is based on Diana Gabaldon's critically acclaimed book series, as viewers are aware, 

but many are anticipating a twist before Jamie and Claire's fate is disclosed."We've talked to Diana a bit," 

she disclosed. We'll run it by her to make sure she's comfortable with it once we work out the actual ending, 

which we still haven't fully figured out.""I've asked her about things that we want to do to make sure she's OK," 

the woman went on. We would never want to step on Diana's toes; she has been incredibly kind and supportive of this series and is overjoyed with its progress. 

We want to honor her, pay her back, and do her books justice.Additionally, 

I adore that she has always felt that the books belong to her and that the show is something different. 

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