Outlander's Shocking Betrayal Endangers [Spoiler]

By the end of this week's episode of Outlander, two Fraser men are in dire straits, with no obvious relief in sight. 

"Well, actually, Jem is a MacKenzie," you realized. OK, OK — two guys with Fraser blood rushing through their daring, often perilous bodies have left us in profoundly unsettling ways as we approach next week's midseason finale.  

Rob Cameron (who we all kinda knew was a tartan garbage bag, right?) has kidnapped the aforementioned Jeremiah, and Jamie concludes the episode face-down on a field following the first Battle of Saratoga. 

How did we end up here? And how does one acquire entry to The Tufty Club? Continue reading for a summary of "A Practical Guide for Time Travelers." 

Brianna is reading a letter from her mother when Roger walks in, dragging the Nuckelavee inside and introduces himself as William "Buck" 

Buccleigh MacKenzie. While Rog and Bree give him the side-eye, he recounts that he and his family were driving near Craigh na Dun when they heard the stones humming. 

When he went to investigate, he was accidentally sucked into time. He followed Roger home after recognizing him while shopping in Inverness. 

Roger confronts him with questions about Alamance and why he had him hanged up. Buck is a jerk as he argues that Roger was too close to his girlfriend, and what else could he do?  

When Roger explains that he was assisting Morag because she is his five- or six-times great-grandmother, he says the unavoidable:  

That makes you my grandda." Buck is stuck. "You wouldn't have anything stronger than coffee, would ye?" he inquires. 

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