Overshadowing the launch of his own Cybertruck is Elon Musk 

Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, claims that the much anticipated release of his highly anticipated Cybertruck  ,

on Thursday will be the "biggest product launch of anything by far on Earth this year." And in a way, 

he might be correct: the fact that his electric vehicle company's first consumer trucking venture is finally rolling off the line and onto driveways today is a major event, 

after years of delays, lofty declarations, and eye-catching marketing stunts. But Musk's other remarks from the long interview he did with Andrew Ross Sorkin on Wednesday night ,

at the New York Times DealBook conference eclipsed his prediction most of the time. Speaking at times in lofty, cosmic terms, 

Musk devoted a large portion of the event to rehashing a number of personal grievances. 

He even told advertisers who were hesitant to spend money on his X platform—which was formerly Twitter—to "go f-—k yourselves." 

At one point, he even insisted that the only reason he was here was because he was Jonathan's friend ("...I'm Andrew," an unimpressed Ross Sorkin replied).

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