Pedro Pascal and Chris Hemsworth star in the action thriller Crime 101.

The Spider-Man trilogy starring Tom Holland in the MCU has a designated name thanks to Marvel Studios.  With Spider-Man: Homecoming, this three-part Spider-Man tale got underway in 2017. 

Pedro Pascal and Chris Hemsworth are starring in Crime 101, and Netflix and Amazon Studios want the rights.

Crime 101 will be directed by American Animals and The Imposter director Bart Layton.

Crime 101, based on Don Winslow's novella, has been likened to Heat.

Pedro Pascal and Chris Hemsworth will feature in Crime 101, a Heat-style crime thriller.

The two A-listers teaming up for an action film has studios in a frenzy, as Netflix and Amazon Studios are reportedly battling for the rights.

According to Deadline, Netflix and Amazon are fighting for Crime 101 in a “whopping” contract with Amazon having “the edge.”

While no deals have been made, insiders say Pascal and Hemsworth “have shown interest in the project prior to the strike.”

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