Poultry farmer catches 130-year-old extinct animal.

While protecting his chicks, a southern Australian farmer caught a century-old extinct species. Photos reveal the spotted beast.

Beachport, South Australia fish farmer Frank Pao-Ling Tsai told McClatchy News in an email that his birds had a “panic” and raced outside early in the morning on Tuesday, Sept. 26. 

He said Tsai found a spotted creature and a dead chicken in the coup.“I had no idea what it was at first,” Tsai told ABC. “I expected a cat, but I found this little animal.” 

Photo of captured animal. Furry brown body, long tail, and white patches. Photos reveal it bared its teeth and seemed enraged.The monster was trapped in a plastic chicken cage, Tsai told McClatchy News. He posted images to identify the animal. 

McClatchy News reported that the National Parks and Wildlife Service of South Australia recognized the animal as a spotted-tailed quoll.

Quolls are “about cat-sized” marsupials with “cat-like shape but a lot stronger jaws and a lot longer canine teeth,” Limestone Coast district wildlife ranger Ross Anderson told McClatchy News. 

According to the Australian Conservation Foundation, the spotted-tailed quoll is the “largest native carnivore left on the (Australia) mainland,” and it is threatened. 

The organization estimates there are 14,000 wild spotted-tailed quolls.Anderson reported the last South Australian spotted-tailed quoll sighting was in the 1880s. Over 130 years, the species has been locally extinct.

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