Put out fire! Yellowstone Buffalo Need Regeneration

The so-called buffalo hunts that occur on the northern and western borders of Yellowstone National Park ought to end.

The buffalo saw their worst "hunting" season since the 19th century last winter. 

Long before Yellowstone was created, we saw one of the biggest migrations into Montana when winter arrived early and harsh.

Hunters killed no fewer than 1,175 buffalo, most of whom were tribal hunters and most of them were slain in the killing fields of Beattie Gulch in the Gardiner Basin. 

To take advantage of the circumstance, the majority of tribes who hunt under treaty rights have prolonged their hunting seasons.

Although it gets worse every year, Beattie Gulch turned into a murder scene last winter. 

There were gut piles wherever you looked, many of which were baby buffalo that would never survive. 

Down Beattie Gulch, a flood of blood flowed into the Yellowstone flood. The hunters congratulated themselves on a great season, ignoring the catastrophe they had wrought.

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