Rainbow Bridge explosion:New information has emerged regarding the couple killed in the Niagara Falls incident.

According to police sources, a local New York guy and his wife planned to attend a KISS concert in Canada but the show was canceled.

New information on the two people died in a vehicle explosion at the US-Canada border crossing in Niagara Falls on Wednesday is surfacing.

According to law enforcement officials, a local New York man and his wife, 

who have not been identified, planned to attend a KISS show in Canada, but the concert was canceled.

According to the sources, the couple spent the night briefly at a casino near the border before their speeding Bentley smashed into the Rainbow Bridge crossing.

According to the FBI field office in Buffalo, New York, the truck hit a curb on the US side of the border and got airborne before exploding

The explosion aroused immediate suspicions of a terrorist assault,

prompting Canadian and New York officials to temporarily close all border bridges between the two countries and stop planes at nearby Buffalo Airport.

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