Randy Travis is honoured for his extraordinary career and for motivating others in the wake of health challenges.

Country music luminaries gathered in Huntsville, Alabama, for tribute concerts celebrating Randy Travis, who, despite a stroke a decade ago, enjoyed stars performing his hits. 

Randy Travis, a country icon, couldn't sing due to health issues, but his wife Mary expressed his gratitude for the tributes in an exclusive interview. 

Randy Travis, a best-selling artist and Hall of Famer, faced a near-fatal stroke in 2013, impacting his health, speech, and mobility. 

Aphasia from the stroke limited Randy's speech, but Mary clarified he understands everything; the couple educates others about strokes through the Randy Travis Foundation. 

The Foundation, their new purpose, focuses on stroke awareness and provides arts enrichment for children. 

Despite challenges, Randy and Mary are working on releasing a new album, featuring unheard music from the vault. 

Randy no longer performs, but he and Mary attend events, including a recent Country Music Hall of Fame ceremony. 

A second tribute concert in Texas is scheduled, showcasing the enduring impact of Randy's music and his strength a decade after the stroke. 

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