Recruiter Explains How 'Not Normal' The Current Job Market Is — 'It's Not You, It's Them'

If you're looking for work, you've probably felt it, and if you aren't, you've probably heard about it. Today's job market is terrifying on a never-before-seen scale. 

It's easy to feel isolated or responsible in this situation. One recruiter, on the other hand, has a message for professionals: "It's not you, it's them."

Even experts agree that our employment market is bad, and it appears to be growing worse. With round after round of layoffs making headlines

and what appears to be an increasing degree of competition when applying for jobs, the idea of finding and retaining a job is scary.

In the midst of all this turmoil, it's easy to feel befuddled, especially since experts, economists, politicians, and news headlines keep telling us 

that the economy is thriving and the job market has never been hotter. You can only come to one conclusion: you are the problem.

However, recruiter and job market specialist Bryan Creely dismisses that concept. In a recent LinkedIn article, he discussed how peculiar the employment market has become

 and in a follow-up video, he disclosed what is causing all of this maddening weirdness.

"It's not normal to have to compete with 2,000 other candidates for a [bad] job," Creely said on LinkedIn. "It's not normal to go through seven rounds of interviews (only to get ghosted)."

Her comments were also full of folks who were fed up with the current work situation. So, what is the situation? Several things, none of which are positive. 

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