‘Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé’ Review: Peak Performance– 

A rare glimpse into the making of one of the biggest stars in the world is offered by the concert video, which provides a thorough account of a world-conquering tour. 

In the final stretch of "Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé," the most ridiculous thing happens.

It happens after the screen goes black and the speakers go silent during her performance of "Alien Superstar"

 (which happened for approximately 10 minutes on the tour's Phoenix stop) and the calm voices at "Renaissance" mission control sound worried. 

We've seen one costuming outrage followed by another, technicians tell her something is impossible,

And she responds by saying she's looked up the problem and that it is possible. Backstage, she addresses the camera, saying, "Eventually, they realize this bitch will not give up."

The evening's most ridiculous costume is unveiled after all that, which takes another 2.5 hours. An insect.

 It's Thierry Mugler's creation, and it falls between in the middle of a bathing suit and "Barbarella," a black and yellow exoskeleton breastplate, complete with black knee-high boots. 

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