Report fears Musk AI could destroy Mars colony. 

Elon Musk was forewarned that attempts by humans to populate Mars will face threats from artificial intelligence. 

According to a Business Insider story, Musk mentioned in a 2012 interview ,

that he hoped humanity might colonize Mars to escape the risks facing Earth, 

but he was informed that the idea wouldn't work if artificial intelligence (AI) was involved.

The paper states that Hassabis's reasoning at the time was that having AI with humans will ultimately result in the colony's demise. 

In an attempt to gain knowledge of the new technology, Musk would later invest in Hassabis' AI startup, 

xAI, before going on to found his own AI start-up.Though technology has not yet advanced to the point where it poses such a hazard, 

some experts think the worries are legitimate."The first thing to understand is that the current generation of AI is not what Musk or Hassabis are concerned about," 

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