Rex Ryan goes off on 'Patriot Way,' attributing Bill Belichick's success to Tom Brady. 

ESPN pundit Rex Ryan ripped apart and exaggerated the achievements of New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick in a single breath.

The former NFL head coach gave former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady credit for the team's lengthy history of prior success when he appeared on ESPN's "Get Up." 

Additionally, he made fun of the "Patriot Way," saying it wears out players.The Patriots Way is what wears these kids out, 

and that's why this team plays like they're exhausted, Ryan said. "You know what, 

the only reason you won was because of Tom Brady, okay? Just the distinction, that's all I'm saying. 

There was no comparison to Tom Brady. They would never triumph again, I predicted right away. 

I predicted that after that guy galloped down to Tampa, they would never triumph again. 

Since I am aware of how exhausting that is for those children. And you are currently dealing with that.

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