"RHONJ" star Jennifer Fessler was hospitalized with a "impacted bowel" following her use of Ozempics.

Even an impacted bowel can't deter Jennifer Fessler from using Ozempic.

The newbie to "Real Housewives of New Jersey," Jackie Goldschneider, disclosed on Monday's episode of her podcast

"Two Jersey Js" that she experienced an uncomfortable side effect from taking the popular weight loss medication.

"I've been on, but I won't refer to it as Ozempic because that's just the general term. However, since starting semaglutide more than a year ago, I think I've lost 22 pounds," Fessler, 55, stated in the podcast. 

Despite admitting to being “a raging hypochondriac,” Fessler says when it comes to things involving her “physical appearance” her anxiety goes “out the window.”

Fessler explained that one of the “side effects” of the drug can be “constipation,” which she dealt with for a while but decided to brush off.

“I was drinking no water, eating no vegetables because something that happens, a new experience for me, is being able to eat what I want even when it’s not the most healthy choices and still lose weight,” she explained

However, she stopped her story mid-way through to admit that she was “to blame” for “ignoring” the signs and has since changed her ways.

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