Mac Jones Updates His Health After German X-Ray

FOXBORO, Massachusetts — When Patriots reporters last met with Mac Jones, he had visited an X-ray room before taking the platform in Frankfurt, Germany.

The quarterback for the Patriots played down any injuries he may have had prior to being benched, stating merely that he had "a little bruise."

But how about right now? Before his New England practice on Wednesday, Jones was asked to give an update on his health.

Alright. The third-year quarterback declared, "I feel good." "There will undoubtedly be some aches and pains when you play for half a season, but overall, I feel quite decent. 

Yes, you're working through things, but then, aren't we all? I genuinely appreciate our excellent training team since they work so hard to prepare us for the game.

Jones was also questioned about potential practical limitations."As I mentioned, not really," he remarked. 

Everyone has stuff they're dealing through, including me. You participate in NFL games each week.

In a sense, every week is a car crash, and you're attempting to recover from that. As you mentioned, I believe the bye week was helpful in getting the body back, and I'm eager to wrap this out well.

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