Rob Gronkowski Explains Why Patriots Should Keep Mac Jones Against Giant

Rob Gronkowski, a former Patriots legend, made the starting quarterback selection for New England's Week 12 game against the New York Giants. 

Bill Belichick has not yet announced the starting quarterback.

During the episode of "Up & Adams," Gronkowski stated, "Start Mac Jones, it's a winnable game." "Start Will Grier if the game wasn't one that could be won."

The four-time Super Bowl champion gave his decision careful thought and took the time to justify why, in his opinion, Jones was the better quarterback against the Giants.

Bailey Zappe isn't in the photo at all, in my opinion. The former tight end said, "I think he's had his chances and he's just not up to par."

"Mac Jones is unquestionably a better player than Bailey Zappe; regardless of the circumstances, he gives them the best chance to win the game."

"With this being a winnable game, I think Mac Jones should start because you know what you're going to get out of Mac Jones," Gronkowski continued.

How about Will Grier, then? In any circumstance, would Gronkowski pass the ball to him?

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