Royal Vacations: The Royal Family's Favorite Vacation Spots

The British Royal Family has had the privilege of spending their holidays in some of the most beautiful sites on the planet. From skiing in the Swiss Alps to island hopping in the Caribbean, their adventures never fail to captivate the public's interest. 

Here's a look at some of the top places the Royals have gone on vacation, why they make such wonderful vacation sites, and how much it would cost to vacation like a member of the British Royal Family. Whether you're searching for a lavish holiday or simply a method to live vicariously through others without following people on META, this should do the trick.

Favored by: Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales, Prince Charles and Lady Diana Years visited: 2004, 1986 Est. cost: $50,000 per week* 

Klosters, Switzerland

Favored by: Princess Diana with Harry and William Years visited: 1990 Est. cost: $40,000 per week* 

Necker Island, Bahama

Favored by: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Years visited: 1947 Est. cost: $10,000 per week* 


Favored by: Prince William and Prince Harry Years visited: 2010 Est. cost: $1,000 per week* 

Meno a Kwena, Botswana

Favored by: King Charles III Years visited: Annually Est. cost: $160 million for the Sandringham House* 

Norfolk, England

Favored by: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip Years visited: 1972 Est. cost: Unknown 

Balmoral, Scotland

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