Ryan Reynolds and Travis Kelce's Faces on Blake Lively and Taylor Swift's Bodies Funny

Ryan Reynolds is always looking for ways to make fun of his wife Blake Lively, and he's now included Taylor Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce in his antics.

To put things in perspective, Lively recently left Reynolds behind to go to Beyoncé's Renaissance: A Film's London premiere with Swift, where the two posed for a very seductive BFF picture.

The pop star is seen in the photo leaning back again and clutching Lively's shoulder. She is wearing a silver Balmain gown with an extremely high thigh slit. 

The Gossip Girl actress, who is all black, puts her gloved hand on Swift's leg in the meantime. [This is where you put the Saoirse Ronan "Women!" meme.]

Lively's devoted husband of eleven years might have shared this picture on social media, but he decided to post something objectively funnier instead. 

The 47-year-old Deadpool actor posted the altered photo on his Instagram story with the remark, "I feel like I should remember this," after noticing a photoshopped version of the shot featuring his and Kelce's faces on the bodies of their respective significant others.

The post made a lot of people laugh, and one TikTok user made a movie about it with the description, "Ryan Reynolds and Travis Kelce will be besties." 

While some viewers believe Kelce is now "officially Ryan approved" in the video's comments section, others are hoping Kelce will discuss the post on his New Heights podcast.

"Travis and Ryan...We'll need a real picture of this," another commenter said.

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