Sam Heughan of Outlander talks about getting ready for a new swingers drama. 

Sam Heughan, star of Outlander, talked candidly about how he prepared for the new swingers series, 

The Couple Next Door.The performer is Danny, one half of a pair that lives next door to newly arrived residents Pete (Alfred Enoch) and Evie (Eleanor Tomlinson).

As Pete and Evie get close to traffic cop Danny and his wife Becka (Jessica De Gouw), they begin to realize that their new, 

affluent neighborhood is not what it seems.During a recent Q&A, Heughan joked that he had "multiple open relationships" in response ,

to questions about his extensive preparation for the role, speaking to Digital Spy and other media. 

More somberly, he went on to say that he had studied traffic cops' lives to gain more insight into his personality." 

On the surface, it's quite regulated but these guys do operate quite ,

independently and they are at the forefront of any traumatic situation," he stated.

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