Saweetie Returned to Long Nails — and Quickly Regretted It

Saweetie has always been known for her super-long nails, which are typically decorated in complex nail art, for as long as she has been famous.

So when we noticed she was sporting an unusually short mani for a few of weeks

we knew she'd be back to her usual length nails shortly - and we were correct.

But it wasn't long before she got a sign from the universe that she was intended to be in her short-nail phase for a while.

Saweetie submitted one of the saddest nailfies on Sunday, November 19.

Don't get us wrong: her nails are stunning. At least those that are still standing.

Her right hand's middle, ring, and pinky fingers, as well as the thumb, have an ombré spin on the milk bath manicure trend

with semi-sheer white at the tips transitioning into the palest pink at the cuticles.

And we're pretty sure her pointer finger matched before whatever she saw in Las Vegas

we're not sure what — convinced her that short nails are the way to go.

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