Sea Buckthorn Oil Is the Most Underrated Skin Care Ingredient for Anti-Aging

Natural components are increasingly being used in skincare products and are appreciated for their surprise effects. Coconut oil is a must-have, cica is a calming powerhouse,

and green tea both protects and energizes the skin. Sea buckthorn oil in skincare is less well-known than these titans,

yet it's perhaps just as deserving of attention because to its hydrating, soothing, and anti-aging effects.

We'll look at what sea buckthorn can do for your skin, how to utilize it, and which products are worth the investment.

Sea buckthorn is a prickly plant that grows near the water. It has tiny orange berries that, when crushed, yield a red-orange oil high in beta carotene 

the same substance found in carrots). It is also high in vitamin C and naturally hydrating. As a result,

this natural element is most commonly found in skincare products that moisturize, soothe, and protect the skin.  

"When used in cosmetics, sea buckthorn oil is often obtained through a cold-press extraction process," says Ryan Turner, MD,

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