Seahawks $70 Million Star Jamal Adams Slammed for ‘Classless’ Twitter Post

The Seattle Seahawks were defeated 41-35 by the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday Night Football, and safety Jamal Adams' emotions are still running hot.

With 4:40 remaining in the fourth quarter, tight end Jake Ferguson beat Adams' coverage for a 14-yard score. Connor Hughes, an SNYtv reporter, posted a video of the score on X, now known as Twitter, with the caption "Yikes."

Adams, who signed a four-year, $70 million contract with the Seahawks in 2021, was taken aback by Hughes' post. On Friday, December 1, he shared the reporter's footage alongside a photo of Hughes' companion, writing, "Yikes" #Prez."

Adams' vengeance message was widely condemned on social media. "I don't think I've ever seen a professional athlete take a shot at a sports reporter's wife," one fan wrote. 

Such a scumbag and cowardly move." Zack Rosenblatt of The Athletic responded, "Connor is better in coverage than you are."

"Nah, that's really lame to roast the appearance of someone's partner," one woman remarked. She said nothing to you... weak." PFF's Sam Monson commented, "This makes you look like an ass."

Adams was aware of the criticism but stood firm. "If you don't start nothing will be nothing." "#Prez," he wrote on Twitter. 

 "I ain't doubling down on nothing," the 28-year-old veteran continued. I can stand on my toes with that. Last night, Bro made a huge adjustment on the ball and made a play. Salute.

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