Season 2 of 'The Gilded Age' is here. So what happened in the first season episode?

Season 2 of "The Gilded Age" has finally premiered after more than a year of anticipation. 

Fans received a sneak peek at the second season before the Season 2 debut.  

According to executive producer David Crockett, "the whole thread of (Season 2) is wrapped around this story of dueling opera houses." 

"The opening nights of the 1883 season—and the first ever opening night of the Met—fell on the same night," he went on to say. 

"So, for all of New York society, you have a very clear choice: do you want to go the old money route or the new money route?" It's an excellent engine for a classic battle." 

Season 2 has shown to be equally as opulent and dramatic as Season 1. 

It should go without saying, but there will be significant spoilers ahead! 

The Season 2 debut of "The Gilded Age" featured its fair share of drama — and so many hats — but it also had a few genuinely startling turns. 

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