Selena Gomez’s “Black Nail Theory” Manicure Is A Total Power Move

Just in time for the frigid fall and winter months, the "black nail theory" manicure craze is sweeping TikTok.

According to a new hypothesis, having shiny black nails makes you feel more confident. It's also stated that a black manicure gives the wearer an air of boldness, bravery, and even mystery.

Gomez accessorized her minimalist, 19060s-inspired makeup with ultra-shiny black nails in the long coffin style that has unofficially become her go-to. 

The outcome? A darkly feminine manicure that enhances the founder of Rare Beauty's charming aura with a lot of seductive intrigue.

Her favorite manicurist, Tom Bachik, who is also well-known for lacquing the tips of stars like Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lopez, and Hailee Steinfeld, painted her dark nails.

And the rest of her colorful ensemble? Her exquisite makeup is credited to Hung Vanngo, Orlando Pita made her bouncy blowout, and Kate Young, the fashion stylist, selected her vibrant outfit.

There are now a few amusing nail art trends and polish hues that are dominating the ever-evolving world of manicures. Specifically, fashionable female tortoiseshell printed tips,

chocolate brown sets with a mirror-like chromatic finish, and ice blue lacquer hues are all very in style right now.

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