Shania Twain Constructed Her Own Country

With 40 million copies sold, Shania Twain's visionary Come on Over is the best-selling studio album by a woman of all time. 

Because of the need to hear her voice on the radio, it created an incredible 12 singles — 75 percent of the track list! — stretching the original 1997 release well into the millennium on the airwaves. 

According to Twain, she "went back and forth for a few weeks" about what would become Come on Over's breakout debut song, initially favouring the uplifting rally cry "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!"

However, she chose the softer "Love Gets Me Every Time," written with her artistic partner and husband at the time, Mutt Lange, since it showed a different and more relatable side of her. 

"It was a good first song representing what was going to be a very female-power-heavy album," he continues. "To say, 'Oh, yeah, but before we get into that stuff, I'm also a fool for love.'"

Come on Over was reissued in deluxe form on August 25 to commemorate its 25th anniversary, and Twain will return to Las Vegas next year for her third greatest-hits residency. 

With six albums under her belt, she remains confident in the decisions that shaped her career, from making demos to unwillingly co-writing songs to selecting the appropriate lead single to kick off a new project.

"The goal was never to be a pop or crossover artist." "I wanted to be an international artist," Twain says. "If country music wouldn't support me and take me to that global audience, then I was going to do it anyway."

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