SI Swimsuit debuts Olivia Dunne's 2024 rookie photographs.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuits unveiled the first shots from Olivia Dunne's 2024 photoshoot in Porto and North Portugal, their second collaboration.

When SI Swimsuits invited Dunne again, she became its rookie model.

Dunne started worked with SI Swimsuits in January 2023. Livvy posed in a variety of bikinis in Puerto Rico in May for a picture session.

Olivia Dunne became more famous when the photos made headlines. It promoted the gymnast and her charitable endeavors.

Olivia and SI Swimsuit reunited in October. After releasing a trailer of the influencer's latest photoshoot, they released two breathtaking shots.

The magazine's photos showed the gymnast in a white bikini looking stunning. Dunne marked great stances in diverse locales in every photo.

Gymnastics star Olivia Dunne said her 2022 New York Times phone interview went poorly.

Dunne exposed sexist statements from the news publication in her Full Send Podcast interview.

The journal called her a small young blonde, which insulted her, and published an editorial titled "New Endorsements for College Athletes Resurface an Old Concern: Sex Sells."

The New York Times interview failed Dunne, but it led her to SI Swimsuit. She said the magazine house was delighted with her self-statement in her podcast interview.

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