Silently leaving Yellowstone and taking the show down with him is Kevin Costner.

When even the most popular scripted series on television, Yellowstone, 

which I've been informed averages over 1 trillion billion households each episode, is under danger, you know things are awful in the world of television.

According to Deadline, Paramount Network and showrunner Taylor Sheridan want to send the adored series to the glue factory. 

 According to sources, this might be because Kevin Costner, the show's star, has all but refused to film the second half of the current season.

But according to reports, Sheridan & Co. are developing a "potential franchise extension" with Matthew McConaughey.

Apparently, Costner "just wanted to spend a week shooting" the season five's final six roughly hour-long episodes. 

This is a functionally untenable demand, of course. Getting the correct footage of the horses (such divas!) generally takes a week.

 According to Deadline, Costner's unwillingness to film has been "causing morale programs for the other stars of the show," but a Paramount representative says that as of right now, "they have no news to report." 

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