Sophie Skelton on Outlander Is Ready to Accept Brianna's "Settled" Side 

The last time we saw Sophie Skelton in the role of Brianna Fraser Mackenzie on Outlander,  

the independent student who travels back in time to join her mother Claire Randall Fraser, was almost two years ago. 

After a pandemic that changed the world and the longest "droughtlander" in the history of the show, 

Skelton and her co-stars are finally making a comeback in season 6.Season 6 of Outlander is no exception to the show's extravagant drama (just look at the time-travel precedent). 

Consequences from the season's finale last year, in which Claire was saved from outlaw kidnappers by Jamie Fraser, 

Brianna's father, and Brianna, her husband Roger Mackenzie,and her son Jemmy, who attempted (but failed) to go back to the comparatively safe years of the 1960s, 

are still unknown. The approaching Revolutionary War looms large over everything, threatening to upend any tranquility ,

the Fraser-Mackenzie family may have found at their backcountry home in North Carolina.

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