Director David Leitch of John Wick Desires ADirector of John Wick David Leitch Is Seeking An Oscars Stunt Category

Stunt workers, crucial to film production, are often overlooked by the Oscars, prompting directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, both former stuntmen, to advocate for a dedicated Oscars category for stunts. 

Despite risking their lives and being underpaid, stunt performers' contributions to the film industry are not adequately recognized, according to Leitch, who accuses the Academy of neglecting this essential production department. 

Leitch, known for directing major blockbusters like Deadpool 2 and Hobbs & Shaw, emphasizes the stunt community's long-standing efforts to gain recognition from the Academy, expressing disappointment in the lack of acknowledgment for their vital role. 

The director, whose career took off after performing stunts for The Matrix Reloaded and serving as Brad Pitt's stunt double in Fight Club, criticizes the Oscars for not having a dedicated award for stunts despite recognizing categories like 'Best Assistant Director' and 'Best Dance Direction' in the past. 

Stahelski, Leitch's co-director on John Wick, also began his Hollywood career as a stuntman and is actively lobbying for an Oscars stunt category, with discussions officially underway as of June. 

Both directors-turned-advocates use their platforms to highlight the issue of unequal recognition, stressing that stunt workers are as important as other department heads and play a crucial role in bringing action sequences to life. 

Stunt performers often face physical danger and are inadequately compensated compared to actors, a disparity that Leitch and Stahelski aim to address by pushing for an Oscars category that celebrates the often overlooked contributions of stunt coordinators. 

The directors' efforts may lead to a positive change, as discussions for an Oscars stunt category gain momentum, shedding light on the significance of recognizing and celebrating the vital role played by stunt performers and coordinators in the filmmaking process. 

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