Spider-Man's Surprising Redesign Improves His Homemade Suit tenfold

Spider-Man was one of many characters reimagined for Marvel's experimental Timeslip effort in the 1990s, 

which included famous artists of the time reimagining the company's historic characters.  

With the layout proclaiming, "It's 1962 again...and Stan Lee has just had a new idea!" the artists commissioned by Marvel 

were asked to explore how they would have drawn characters such as Spider-Man and Iron Man in their debut appearances. 

Artist Mike Allred created Timeslip Spider-Man, who first appeared as one of a series of two-page spreads in Marvel Vision magazine. 

Allred's Timeslip submission imagines an alternate version of Peter Parker's original homemade Spider-Man outfit, 

with a look and technology that are both cooler than the original. 

Mike Allred's Timeslip Spider-Man design does not aim to provide an absurdly different perspective on the character 

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