Star Wars: Incredible Fan Film Clearly Describes the Last Mysterium of the Sequel Trilogy

The Lost Relic - A Star Wars Story, an amazing Star Wars short film, clarifies a crucial detail about the sequel trilogy that was overlooked before.

 The Lost Relic does a fantastic job of explaining how Kylo Ren came to possess Darth Vader's helmet

A well-made and succinct explanation of the helmet's significance and the reasons it took 30 years to find it is provided in the fan film.

 The Lost Relic provides a logical and satisfying resolution to a mystery that had gone unanswered before, giving the impression that it belongs in the Star Wars universe.

The Lost Relic, a fantastic Star Wars short film from Third Gate Productions, cleverly explains the sequel.

The Star Wars sequel trilogy saw the rise of a new Empire, The First Order. Early in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren (real name Ben Solo) is shown holding a relic from the previous Empire

Third Gate Productions' fan film The Lost Relic imagines an explanation. This opens with an archivist taking an inventory of Star Wars cut and deleted scenes

The rest of the short film consists of a supposed deleted scene from 1983.

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