Survivor Series' 20-time Champion stopped Rhea Ripley from rescuing Damian Priest.

When Damian Priest was in the strongest position to win the Men's WarGames bout, Rhea Ripley showed up to help him cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. 

However, Damian Priest was stopped by a legendary 20-time Champion.

Drew McIntyre and Judgment Day both had the best chance of winning the bout after clearing the ring of their rivals. 

Because Randy Orton, the last participant, hasn't yet appeared, the bout technically hasn't begun.

When Rhea Ripley was going to force the referee to use the cash-in, everything changed. At this point, the living legend Randy Orton reappeared to foil the endeavor.

Perhaps the most exasperating run of any Money in the Bank holder to date is Damian Priest's. 

Since taking home the briefcase earlier this year in London, he has tried a number of times.

That failed this time, as it has failed all the previous times. Seeing how the briefcase situation develops will be intriguing to watch.

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