Taylor Swift experiences an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction while performing live on stage, and you won't believe what she did.

Taylor Swift returned to the stage in Brazil on Monday for her rescheduled Eras Tour event after postponing the show on Saturday due to the death of her fan, Ana Clara Benevides, on Friday. 

Taylor's normally perfect performance, however, was disrupted by an unexpected wardrobe malfunction when the heel of her bejeweled Christian Louboutin shoes snapped. 

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Taylor didn't allow a broken heel stop her from entertaining her fans, and in viral footage, the 'Cruel Summer' singer can be seen snapping off the heel of the iconic red-bottomed boots before tossing it into the crowd for one lucky concertgoer to take home as a memento.  

Taylor, ever the professional, continued to sing numerous songs from the 'Lover' segment of the program while balancing on the ball of her foot before changing her outfit.  

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Fans dubbed her a "real-life Barbie," referring to the much-discussed scene in the recent 'Barbie' film in which Margot Robbie, who played the eponymous character, removed her shoes and still walked with an arched foot.  

"She stands on tiptoe, with a broken heel, like a real-life Barbie," one person said. "Taylor Swift IS the real life Barbie," remarked another, and a third added, "Taylor Swift (Barbie's version)."  

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