Taylor Swift is a student at Harvard and the University of Florida. Add Pop Star-Related Courses

For 2024, more college courses honoring Taylor Swift have been added to the curriculum, including one at Harvard University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. 

Study programs on the 33-year-old pop sensation, "Taylor Swift and Her World" and "Musical Storytelling With Taylor Swift and other Iconic Female Artists,"

will be offered by Harvard University and the University of Florida beginning in the spring. Online course summaries are currently accessible. 

Stephanie Burt is a professor in the English department at Harvard. She will lead students through analyses of fan culture, celebrity culture, adolescence, maturity, and appropriation.

She will also cover approaches to texts that are white, Southern, transatlantic, and queer subtexts.

The course description on Harvard's website also mentions "we will learn how to think about illicit affairs and hoaxes, champagne problems and incomplete closure," alluding to themes from Swift's albums Folklore and Evermore.

According to the equally song-filled course description at UF, Melina Jimenez will be in charge of "13 gorgeous weeks of discussing Taylor Swift’s discography, 

with a focus on her evergreen songwriting." Students will analyze topics including "old flames, infidelity, aging and double standards" and "draw parallels between Swift's enchanting lyrics and works by other famous female masterminds." 

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