Taylor Swift's Brazilian tour company is being investigated following the death of a fan. 

Rio de Janeiro authorities have opened an investigation into the organization that produces ,

Taylor Swift's performances in Brazil.Days have passed since the 23-year-old artist's fan Ana Clara ,

Benevides Machado passed away before her Friday performance at Estádio Nilton Santos. 

Now, there is word of an investigation into Time for Fun.As reported by NBC News, 

the company is being investigated for a "crime of danger to life or health" by the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police's consumer delegations department. 

According to the outlet, authorities have started taking further action "to investigate the facts," 

and it is anticipated that the event organizers will be asked to testify.According to the Brazilian newspaper Estadão, 

officials will "investigate everything that fans reported, such as the structure of the place and the availability of water." Time for Fun has been contacted by PEOPLE seeking comment.

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