Taylor Swift's opening act gets frank on the Eras Tour, including bawdy viral lyrics

Sabrina Carpenter is still making waves in the music world as the opening act for Taylor Swift. 

This comes after her 'Nonsense' outro went viral on social media.

Carpenter opened up on the inspiration for these outros and how they reflect her personality as an artist when asked.

The 'Nonsense' singer also claimed that her outros are influenced by real-life experiences as well as a desire to be "outrageous and have fun."

This, in turn, has resonated with her followers, who now eagerly await the first time they hear her classic outros.

Carpenter achieved fame on TikTok last year for her racy lyrics during her "Emails I Can't Send" globe tour. 

She made light of her rumored love triangle with Joshua Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo.

This clearly demonstrated how Taylor Swift gained Sabrina Carpenter's esteem in order to keep her 'Nonsense' outros clean for Mexico.

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