Ten Best Places to Retire on $8000/Month in US

Irvine, named one of the FBI's safest metropolitan cities, has everything required for a comfortable retirement. Monthly Median Rent: $4,500.

 Irvine, CA, USA

Kahului, Hawaii's hidden gem, has beautiful beaches and natural attractions. Monthly Median Rent: $3,800.

Kahului, Hawaii

Many seniors retire to Boston, Massachusetts for its rich history, top-notch healthcare, and dynamic culture. Monthly Median Rent: $3,800.

Boston, Massachusetts

Berkeley retirement is attainable with $8,000 per month.Monthly Median Rent: $3,772.

Berkeley, California

Palo Alto is a top $8,000-a-month retirement spot due to its diversity and charm.Monthly Median Rent: $3,695.

Palo Alto, California

Florida is a popular retirement destination, and Boca Raton is one of the best spots.Monthly Median Rent: $3,500.

Boca Raton, FL

San Francisco attracts retirees with its vibrant arts scene, famous landmarks, active lifestyle, and diverse charm.Monthly Median Rent: $3,375.

San Francisco, California

With its high cost of living, New York City isn't a typical retirement destination, but affluent retirees love its culture, healthcare, and social scene.Monthly Median Rent: $3,300.

New York City, USA

Active retirees love Huntington Beach's surf culture and pristine beaches.Monthly Median Rent: $3,175

Huntington Beach, CA

Retire royally in Queens. It's loved for its beaches, parks, culture, and entertainment.Monthly Median Rent: $3,100.

Queens, NY

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